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Molecular Spintronics

Molecules are attractive components for applications in material science and solid-state physics. Owing to the possibilities offered by chemistry, new molecule-based materials can be designed exhibiting a wide range of tunable chemical and physical properties.  With regard to spintronics, organic and carbon-based molecules are good candidates to conduct spin-polarized carriers, due to their weak spin relaxation mechanisms.  Moreover, the interaction of molecules with metal surfaces can be used to tune the energy level alignment at hybrid interfaces and thus facilitate an efficient spin injection. 

Our research focuses on building devices that allow the study of spin-dependent phenomena (spin valves) [1,2] as well as the determination of the energy level alignment (hot-electron transistors) in metal-molecule hybrid systems [3,4].  Additionally, we explore the possibility of engineering the electronic and spin-dependent properties at the metal-molecule interface by controlling the molecular adsorption and interaction strength with the metallic surface atoms.  In view of applications, the integration of these devices onto flexible substrates [5,6] is also pursued.


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